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Avast Premier License Key 2018 (Activation Codes)

Avast Premier License Key 2018

Avast Premier License Key 2018

Avast Premier License keys Don’t we like our system to be protected? We all do love it to be protected. Everybody who have a desktop computer, laptop, Android device and Mac device or notebooks want to have a software which can protect their system from viruses, spywares and hackers.

Avast Premier activation code  is the Most advanced and recent PC antivirus designed by company which fulfill all security need required in today world. It has all best features included that offer excellent security against any malicious attacks.

Avast premium is quite much expensive as its 1-year subscription is of 79$ and 2 years subscription is of 149$ and 3 years is of 219$. That is a pretty good amount of money to spend. However, if you don’t have it or don’t want to spend that much money then you can download it for free. Yes, for free, right here from this site. Avast premier key license is available in its full version. You can also download its free version.

System Requirements

  • This amazing antivirus is not demanding a lot of space. All it needs is a PC with
  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP SP3*.
  • System should only have
  • 256 MB RAM &
  • 1.5 GB Hard Disk Space.
  • Its good for both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows, excluding RT Edition and Starter.

Avast Antivirus 2018 License Key Overview

The Avast Premier license key is a steadfast source for protection with new features added in it. It provides security against all threats faced in this cyber world. Avast permits user to have a great deal within your device when you want to secure different programs at same time. Its blocks all webcam-hacking and prevents ransomware completely. This program also protects your desktop system, home system and all your passwords safe which use smart cloud based detection.

Avast Antivirus 2018 License Key

This antivirus gets updated automatically time to time, if any new features are added. It protects your documents, pictures, videos and file from any kind of extortion.

Avast Premium has a new added feature called ‘Safe Zone’. You can say it will save your device from any evil mind. Safe Zone security ensures your online transactions, prevent hacker attacks, keep your email safe. Its one best feature is it do update your all apps automatically and fragments your data permanently if you want.


  • Avast antivirus is compatible with latest Windows 10 version.
  • Internet explorer is combined with Avast user Interface and added to the Smart Scan function.
  • It easily recognizes a wide range of Malicious functions.
  • It do keep your system safe from unwanted and threatening programs which come from internet.
  • This program is user friendly and easy to handle while working which increase your output and achievement.
  • Avast premier key has remarkable interface.
  • It has password manager installed in it
  • Its provide security against identity theft.
  • It also consist of various tests which are system scanning, scanning rescue and system elevation analyasis.
  • Its one benefit is, it makes online banking secure and also you can also place your orders with more security.

Avast Full Activation Code 

Avast activation code is one of the biggest security company in world which use advanced technology to fight cyber attacks in real world as required.it was found by Pavel Baudiš and Eduard Kučera in 1988 It is situated in Prague, Czech Republic. It is providing security and protection product to both consumers and corporate market. Avast license key provide services of Avast Antivirus and Avast SecureLine for android, Microsoft Windows, iOS and MacOS. Back in 2016 Avast took over 40% of world security software market except china.

This company possesses faster and smarter artificial intelligence to cop with recent challenges of cyber world. It uses enormous cloud based machine learning engine that receives data from more than 400 million users and facilitates its learning at extraordinary speeds which make this artificial intelligence smarter and faster then others.

It has scalable cloud based infrastructure which checks everything happening on the internet. Its system views everything online either good or bad and protects you and your businesses from attacks. Avast prevents about 3.5 billion attacks every month.

Their mobile security antivirus has been downloaded over 100 million times which makes it one of trusted mobile antivirus. 230 million users downloaded antivirus product in 2014 which was a record.

Avast bought free protection for millions of users of Mac back in 2012. It had 170 million users enjoying Avast free Mac security.

Avast is used and trusted by people in over 150 countries and has expanded a lot in recent years. It has added AVG technologies in company during 2016 and acquired Piriform and developer of CCleaner in 2017.

Avast Premium Activation Code

There are few special features added in this latest version of Avast antivirus. They are as followsAvast Premium Activation Code

  1. Keeps Spies and snoops off your Webcam

Our webcams can be hijacked and its really getting common. Hackers do this easily and users don’t even get a clue about it. They can turn of your front camera light in laptop and you can not get a hint of hacker sneaking a peek.

But its not possible anymore, because Webcam shield makes anyone get permission before getting to your webcam. You can also enable and disable your camera with it safely.

  1. Ransomware Shield: Keep Hostage-Takers away from your files

It is the time, when hacking is at its peek. People keep their important data in their system or other devices which can be hacked. Hackers then demands for money to return it. Hackers demand an average of 643$ from Ransomware victims. It keeps one’s files from being kept hostage and encrypted and only let authorized apps make changes in files.

People now a days make payments using online banking services. No one can sneak into your network, browser and router to steal your password and other bank transactions. Thus cyber theft can be reduced using latest version of this program

So if you don’t want your Wi-Fi theft then use the licensed version of Avast premier license key.

  1. Data shredder

Its has a very good feature of data shredding. Using this feature is very safe n beneficial. When you delete data from your system, its is not deleted completely but is stored in computer DNS. Hackers used to access computer data and direct them to fake websites. But its not a problem anymore, data shredder does not only delete data from your system but also deletes it from hard drive of your system. That leaves no choice for a hacker to manipulate you with. So SecureDNS is a important feature for every computer, which is possible using Avast.

The other remarkable features of Avast Premier are as follows:

  • Update Apps Automatically

It has automatic software updater which keep updating your apps and programs to keep them secure. In older versions of apps, hackers can easily find security loop holes and use them to manipulate anyone. Its better to have updated apps and a good antivirus.

  • Firewall

This feature is to keep a check on every file which is coming and going out of your system. That keep the hackers from intruding into your privacy.

  • Anti-Spam

Spams are a real headache these days as it can be easily sent to your email. This feature of antivirus easily dodge spam and all other malicious stuff, so you can get your filtered clean emails that are worth your time.

  • Real Site

One easy way the hackers use to get access to your banking details is by redirecting you to fake websites. Once you open those fake websites, they can enter your computer DNS (Domain name System) and hijack all important information. But no more, using Avast premier activation code antivirus you will be safe.

  • WiFi Inspector

This feature was known as home network security. This feature helps you maintain your home network and associations around the world to increase visibility into their network. This program is designed to automatically find any weakness in your WiFi. Also no passing by strangers or neighbors can sneak into your network. U can enjoy your WiFi speed without interruption.

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Avast Activation Code 2017 Safezone

It has number of security checks to keep intruders at bay. They are as following:

  • Intelligent antivirus:

It inspects the system time to time, detects any threats to system and block all viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware and phishing. A smart analytics is used in this antivirus, which stop all threats before they bug you.

  • CyberCapture

Cyber capture scans system for any suspicious files and send them for analysis through communication system set between you and Avast center for security check. CyberCapture is highly effective against zero-second attacks when it is about your system security. Cyber capture is capable to completely dissect the files and check the binary level commands in the malware.


  • Behavior Shield

Behavior shield is present in all versions of Avast 2017 which provides you protection against any ransom-ware, zero-second threats and others bugs.

It is a new added feature in Avast 2017 and a patent-pending technology is used known as behavior shield. This security, is like real life police officer who keep checking and looking for any odd movements or behaviors and report it before any damage can be done.

It safeguard you from cyber spying on passwords and bank account details and its powerful when it comes to ransomware. It does not need to be activated or set-up to start protecting you.

  • Smart Scan

It detects all the cracks and loop holes which can allow malware to get in to your system. It scan system for any unsafe settings and for any add-ons suspicious websites which ask for a password. It also detects out of date software’s.

  • Automatic Software Updater

As the out dated apps and programs damage away your security wall and can let any cybercriminal get to your system. It automatically update your system and keep system at low risk of attacks.

  • Avast Auto Sandbox

‘Sand box’ a word, feels strange when we read or here in an antivirus system. Lets know how it works.

It is a special security feature which automatically runs any suspicious apps in completely isolated environment. These programs have limited access to your files and system, so your system remains safe. This feature is directly related to FileRep cloud feature which identifies any new threats automatically.

  • Passive Mode

Avast antivirus has passive. If you want to use other antivirus, you can keep it in passive mode and run your active antivirus. Whenever you need Avast, u can access it and it is available for you.

  • Game Mode

Game mode has a special feature. It put all your notification on hold while playing a game. So don’t worry about any interruption from your system, it will not surely disturb but it can’t keep your wife or mother from nudging.

  • Browser Cleanup

This feature make you get rid of dangerous and annoying extension, add-ons, tool bars or hijacked searches. When you open your browser, bad add-ons pop up which you don’t have hint about. That is an easy way to hijack your system.

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Avast Premier Crack

They track what you do online, can see data in your computer, they influence with your search results and also slow down your web browser. They are difficult to remove from your browser.

Browser Cleanup restores your system of its initial settings and clean state.

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