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Download Lucky Patcher Apk Here Free

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Lucky Patcher Apk Here Free Download

Lucky Patcher is a wonderful application for rooted and non-rooted users, it is considered to be one of those applications which every Android user must have it in his smart phone. It is basically a cracking application, which enables the user to do more than just cracking. Though it works well on rooted phones, but not efficient for un rooted devices. If you want to enjoy all the features of lucky patcher your android phone must be rooted. One of the main feature of this application is it enables free in-app purchases.

Furthermore, this application comes with a stack of other features as well, like getting rid of annoying advertisement from an application. Lucky Patcher is an amazing application for sure which we all love to use and suggest it to every other android user. But, there is no assurance that this application will work with each and every application we find on Google play store and outside it. You can also bring modifications in the permissions such as clone application, backup of any application and many other features by this lucky patcher application.

Clone application feature of lucky patcher gives you option for creating clone of any application ( i.e duplicate copy). It works when you create some application authorization or remove ads and modify prop files to share it with your friends and family then it is easy for you to make backup of any modified application and share it with your friends you can also make default backup options for backup of all applications.

Features of Lucky Patcher Apk Andriod

Lucky Patcher apk andriod is an application comes with lots of amazing and cool features. Let’s have a look at some of the universal and best features ever of this application. Which you will get in your devices after installing this application let’s have a look on these features mentioned below.

download lucky patcher

  • This application helps the user to get rid of annoying advertisement of Google.
  • It also removes the requirement of license verification from the application.
  • It removes pre-installed application from your android device forcefully.
  • Helps in removing the permissions of the application and also manages them too.
  • Move applications to storage device card in one touch.
  • Through this application you can download and install modded play store on your androids device. This action will help in installing all the applications which does not require license verification.
  • Make some application pro by applying traditional patch.
  • Modified application can be created in just one click.
  • Lucky patcher helps in updating any application on your android device an d no need to search for updates outside the device.
  • It also helps in making complete backup of the application. That takes all the backup of the data.
  • This application also helps in solving device incompatibilities error of play store by applying custom patch.
  • This application clears Dalvik cache from the application and there is no need to reboot your device recovery which helps you to fats your android device.
  • Lucky patch helps in downloading custom patch without updating the application.
  • Helps in cloning the device of your choice.
  • This application blocks or freezes the application which behaves badly.
  • Lucky Patcher gives you the complete list of apps as you open them.
  • It is having a special color codes which make it easy to use because different color indicate different operations.

Why we need Lucky Patcher 5.9.3 Origional App?

This application will save your mobile phone space. Once you have rooted android device this application will work perfectly on it. Access data can be deleted which is taken by other applications. Rooted device is needed by this application.

How to use Lucky Patcher xda?

  • Open lucky patcher application and search for the application you want to hack.
  • You will find in app purchases below the application.
  • Tap on the app and click on open menu of patches.
  • Then select support patch for in app and LVL emulation.
  • Then it will tell you about what is founded in the apps-purchases, license, google ads.
  • Then “please wait” so it can imitate it.
  • Backup your application using lucky patcher and uninstall the hacked app.
  • If it is successful it will start working.
  • Patch can be done only once.

lucky patcher apk

Lucky Patcher Full Version color Indicator

Lucky patcher by chelpus color code indicates the compatibility with the tool.

  • Green: indicates that it can be registered and disconnected from Google play.
  • Yellow: It has specific patch available.
  • Purple: this color shows system startup app.
  • Blue: includes Google Ads
  • Red: Application cannot be modified.
  • Orange: it is a system color.

Other than the mentioned above features of the application, Lucky Patcher specifies the code to an application which is modified or not or if the application is legit one. Permissions can be changed for different application by using lucky patcher.

Disadvantages of Lucky Patcher No root

Anything which is best also has some disadvantages, so lucky patcher is also having some disadvantages.

  • This application needs root access to work. Without rooting you will only get limited features.
  • You will also void the warranty of your device if you use this application.
  • It kind of illegal using lucky patcher, because developer does not get any revenue.
  • If you are having enough money, it is better if you purchase the micro transactions so developer may get some benefit.
  • It only works with android devices. Iphones, iPads and IPod touches, Macintoshes, windows-based Personal computers are not supported.
  • Games which are server based are not supported by Lucky Patcher.

Lucky Patcher Free Download

Lucky Patcher for android devices which help its users to get free in-app purchases for many applications and games. Other than getting free in-app purchases, you can do a lot more with it like using it for removing annoying Google Ads or modify the permissions take by an application. Moreover, a excellent application for android which should be installed on your device if you have a rooted device.


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