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Pokemon Go Apk Free Download Now

pokemon go apk

Pokemon Go Apk

Pokemon Go Apk is a very popular game which can be played using the GPS (Global positioning system). Users capture the pokemon in the it and then train these pokemon to gain experience and fight other players.

These pokemon appear on the specific landmarks or buildings on the GPS (Global positioning system). It is a very unique type of game in which the users had to move in different locations in the real world. This is a very interesting type of game and it is first of its kind. So, many users have been playing this particular game often addictively.

This Game is a real map based game which contains real world Google maps. The user had to capture the rare elf in order to gain experience. These elfs can be anywhere on the map near you. You may find some caterpillar on your rooftop or a ibrahimovic in your toilet. This game provides a very unique experience of Pokemon animation.

Pokemon Go

The exquisite mapping scenes makes the game very realistic and much more fun to play. Pokemon Go APK is available in both the android as well as the IOS play stores. However, the file is only used for installing the game into the android smart phone or other android device such as tablet.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go APK is a game which is specially designed for the android smartphones and the game is based on the most popular and old anime known as Pokemon. This game is specially designed to capture and train and then gain experience to beat the other players of the game.

Pokemon Go Beta

Pokemon Go APK is not just a regular chasing game. It is sort of long termed game in which users can use different tactics to capture the pokemon. It is also available on the play store in the Google’s play services. Another way of installing it is to download and install it manually on your smart device.

This process of downloading and installing it is explained in detail at the end of this article. This is a very good and stable game and a huge benefit of this game is that its progress is saved automatically and can be resumed from the point where a user had left the game. The APK file is downloaded and for installing it manually, the user must activate the developer’s mode. The process of activating the developer’s mode will also be explained in the article. Let us first discuss the different features of the Pokemon Go APK.

pokemon go beta

Pokemon Go Android Features

Pokemon Go Apk is an android game file which can be used to install this game in an android smart phone or other android device such as tablet. This is a very popular game which is totally based on the famous Japanese anime also known as Pokemon. In this game, the user had to go to a specific location on the Google map in the real world and capture the it. This is very interesting game and it is extremely addictive. There are many different features of this game is that are listed below:

  • There are many different characters available in the game to capture.
  • Most of the characters can be captured on the specific locations on the Google maps.
  • Characters are available on certain landmarks and famous buildings.
  • The game is a virtual reality, the scenario can be seen in the android smartphone. However, the user actually had to go to place to place in the real world.
  • Characters can be anywhere in the world, it can either be in your washroom or it can be on the streets.
  • The more the pokemon are captured, the more the experience will be gained and the profile points will go up.
  • The game is saved automatically and can be loaded from the same level the user had left.
  • It is available for the android as well as the IOS smart devices.

What is Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go APK is a very intelligent and famous pokemon capturing game which can easily be downloaded and installed using the latest Pokemon Go APK file. This special game is a virtual reality game which means that it is partially played virtually in the android phone and partially played in real world. Like when a user had to go to certain locations in order to capture the specific pokemon characters. There are certain upgrades that have been launched and the newer features are as follows:

  • The trainers are now able to learn about the pokemon’s abilities its defenses and to figure out which of the pokemon have most potential for the battle.
  • There are other fixes such as the one in which the defeated pokemon is nearly at 1 HP. These pokemon are then returned as fainted pokemon.
  • There are many bug fixes updated.
  • The ability of adding or sorting the pokedex by the region.
  • Many performance updates have been added as well.

Pokemon Go APK

Pokemon Go APK is a very interesting and famous pokemon capturing game which can be downloaded and installed using this game. The steps for installing it are listed below:

  • First step is download the latest file.
  • Now go to the settings and enable developer’s mode.
  • In some android smartphones, the developer’s mode is easily activated but in other such as Samsung mobile phones, the developer’s mode can be activated by going to the about device and then by tapping on the build number 7 times for activating it.
  • After activating the developer’s mode, tick the unknown sources option.
  • Now click on the application and it will automatically be installed.
  • Now enjoy the latest version for free

Pokemon Go Apk is a very reliable and addictive game mostly positive reviews.

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