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Windows 7 Product Key [Professional + Ultimate]

Windows 7 Product Key

Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key

Windows 7 Product key which is also known as software key, it  is a specific software based key which is an important feature of today’s world computer programs, which keeps the use of windows 7 secure and ensures its legal purchase. Windows 7 Product key is a unique alphanumeric code of different lengths which this software programs require during installation. They help Windows 7 developing company for ensuring that there product was legally purchased or used by the user.

Features of Windows 7 key

Windows 7 is a operating system after the windows XP developed by Microsoft to bring the ease in the life’s of computer user’s it was developed with many new features which took computer users into a new era of information technology. Windows 7 has many unique features which were not present in previous operating systems. Some of the new features included in windows 7 are advancements in touch speech which helps the user to translate what he speaks in text format other feature is hand writing recognition in which the  computer receive and interpret handwritten input source and convert it into text format.

Desktop slide show is a feature which changes the desktop wallpaper and supports local images based on a designated time interval specified by the user. Gadgets are used in windows to display information of time, temperature, and calendar which can optionally be displayed on the side bar of the computer screen.

windows 7 ultimate product key

How to activate windows 7 professional product key?

Windows 7 product key certifies that the program used is original because product key helps the publisher / developer to stop its illegal use and they reserve all copyrights of that program. Windows 7 Activation or installation of is sometimes done offline by the help of product keys, or with some of the software like windows 7 in which we require product key of different unique alphanumeric codes for the activation of software program online, to prevent there program from multiple people who use the same product key.

It is not necessary that all the software developers or publishers use product key there are many other methods to protect the copyrights of their software program. Whereas different software developer use open sources for installation of programs where copyright protection is not necessary.

Computer game publishers also use product keys for the verification that their game is not copied without the authorization of the publisher. Copyright owner or other handlers to whom the copyright has been assigned they routinely appeal to technological and legal actions to prevent and penalize copyright violations.

Product keys usually consists of different series of alphabetic letters and /or numbers this sequence of product key is typically used by the user during the installation process of computer software through which it is then passed to a verification function in the software program this function then elaborates the sequence of alphabets and numbers to a mathematical term known as algorithm and matches the result to a valid solutions.

Standards for Generation of Activation Keys

There are some standards through which product keys are generated mathematically which is not completely effective for stopping the actions used for copyright software where hacker’s use different illegal ways to disturb the sequence of product keys with improved use of internet communication and sophisticated attacks to breach the keys of software programs by using crack (term used to disable the feature for the need of product key during installation) and programs like product key generator which is a computer program which helps to create a serial number necessarily used  to activate the software application without using product key. This key generator program disturbs the licensing for software manufacturers in commercial environments. Whereas there is a bulk of website and enterprise with licensed product key for activating the software programs.

windows 7 key

Product Key Generator Free

Because of all this, software developing and publishing companies are progressing to use the alternative methods for verification of product keys that they are both valid and uncompromised. One method which is usually used in different hardware is products validation in which the program is validated to a time limit such as MAC Address (Media access control address) which cannot be easily duplicated because it depends on user’s hardware. Other methods may require periodic validation of the keys written on CD cover which is registered to a internet server this validation can be performed on server side which prevents crack tempering and server maintain a list of invalid CD keys which are banned and access to them is denied.

Inconvenient to the User

Windows 7 ultimate product key -Somehow Product keys are inconvenient to the users because they have to need it or enter the product key whenever they will install that program to their computer and user must also make sure that he does not lose the product key as the loss of it will make the software useless once it is uninstalled.

Recovery of Keys

Once you loss the product key there is a program which is designed for the recovery of product key  in this program you can read and decrypt or de-obfuscate the key into its original state, once the key is recovered to its original state it can be used for reinstalling its related software.


Product Key For Windows 7 Pro 64 bit / 32 bit

Windows 7 key is a 25- character alphanumeric serial code which is used to activate the operating system and having different specifications according to its use

  1. Windows 7 ultimate key generator
  2. Windows 7 home basic
  3. Windows 7 service pack 1
  4. Windows 7 professional product key
  5. Windows 7 home premium

These all have different system requirements, specifications and different product keys which prevent illegal use and copyright of the windows 7 activation key.

How Product key helps in activation and installation

After installation there will be a need of activating the operating system by using original product key written on the back cover of the CD or you can get it online from Microsoft website the latest serial keys will activate both 64 bit and 32 bit versions of Windows 7. After installing and activating you will get all the features of operating system. And there will be no need of using any crack ultimate activator or invalid / fake product key generators. You can easily use one key on single personal computer permanently.

You should first try activating the windows 7 using a valid serial key but if this doesn’t work then you will have to get your hands dirty by using illegal activation methods and keys.

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